Hyundai Porto Half Marathon will be held on September 19th 2021, at 8 am, in Porto. The limit time of the race will be 3 hours.


There will be a race with a distance of 21,097 km for federated and non-federated athletes born in 2003 and earlier.



Start line: Rua do Ouro, Alameda Basílio Teles, Rua Nova da Alfandega, Av. Paiva Couceiro, Ponte D. Luís I, Av. Diogo Leite, Cais Capelo Ivens, Cais do Cavaco, Cais do Lugan, Afurada, Zona pedonal de Canidelo, Rotunda do Linhó (return), Afurada, Cais do Lugan, Cais do Cavaco, Cais Capelo Ivens, Av. Diogo Leite, Ponte D. Luís I, Av. Gustavo Eiffel, Av. Paiva Couceiro (return), Av. Paiva Couceiro, Av. Gustavo Eiffel, Rua Nova da Alfândega, Alameda Basílio Teles, Rua do Ouro, Jardim do Calem/Fluvial (Finish line).


It is organized by, headquartered at Rua António Silva Torres 128 4475-455 Nogueira da Maia, Portugal, with the support of the following entities:

• Câmara Municipal do Porto.
• Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo
• Ágora Porto
• Associação de Atletismo do Porto.
• Conselho Regional de Arbitragem da AAP.
• Polícia de Segurança Pública.
• Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia


According to I.A.A.F. regulations, there will be supplies each 5 kilometers, and if necessary, depending on the temperature that is felt, water supplies can be added.



Half Marathon | 21 km

• Single registration price up to September 14th: 15.00 €
• Last Minute at EXPO - € 25.00

Note: Limit of 5.000 participants

Half Marathon VIP | 21 km

• Until September 14 - € 50.00

With your VIP registration you will have the following advantages:

• Sub-Elite bib number
• Start in the front line
• Park in the finish line
• Access to VIP zone
• Wardrobe in the VIP Zone
• Catering in the VIP Zone
• SMS Results
• VIP shuttle for the start line

Note: limited to 50 registrations.

Half Marathon | Virtual

  • Single registration price until September 14th - €15.00

Registration for the Virtual Half Marathon includes:

- Virtual back
- Virtual diploma
- Official T-shirt – short-sleeved t-shirt with Flatlook seams to prevent chafing and Micro-mesh technology to encourage athletes to sweat.
- Official finisher medal
- Delivery to the address shown in the registration

6.2 – You can do your registration:

• Online at
• Loja do Corredor - Rua Santa Luzia 808, 4250-415 Porto Portugal
• Sports Zone stores (Porto)

6.3 – The registration are limited to 5.000 participants for the both distances.

6.4 – The kits of participant will be delivered at:

Alameda Shopping – September 17th and 18th between 10:00 and 23:00.

No kits will be delivered at any other time in addition to those appointed.

6.4.1 – Documentation required for lifting the bib number/race number:

Confirmation of registration with the bib number.
Personal identification, Citizen Card, Driving License or Passport.

6.5 – Regarding the safety of participants, it is not allowed to participate in bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades or even with the company of animals.

6.6 – Pursuant to the actual legislation, the invoice must be requested no later than the fifth business day following the day of payment, providing us with the taxpayer's number.

Information: Tel. +351 220 304 726 (10 am to 7 pm), at or

6.7 – The organization may at any time suspend or extend the deadlines or add or limit the number of registrations available depending on technical availability, security issues or structural requirements, without notice.

6.8 – Online registrations have 72 hours to make the payment. After this time the registrations are automatically canceled due to lack of payment. All registrations paid after this period will be returned with a penalty of € 1.50 and must be claimed by e-mail to: up to 30 days after the event.

It is still possible to complete the registration, if the registration deadline has not been reached yet, if you settle payment of the registration fee at the date of the request, always requiring direct contact with the organization to:

Information: Tel. +351 220 304 726 (10 am to 7 pm), at or

6.9 – The organization may at any time carry out promotional campaigns that have a direct or indirect influence on the registration price. These registrations may have special loyalty holder features, registrations locations, and periods where the campaigns are available.

6.10 – Extras – During the registration process, some products and / or services that may be complementary to the event may be available. These products and / or services, which will be charged separately from the registration fee, will be accessible according to the available stock and the necessary deadlines for their correct implementation.


Half Marathon 21,097 km | Born in 2003 and earlier | Time: 9:00 am


8.1 – Participant kits will be delivered solely and exclusively at the locations and times provided for in number 6 of these regulations, or sent to the address stated in the registration by special carrier.
This shipping service must be requested by email ( until September 3rd and has a cost of €5.50 for national addresses and €10 for international ones.

8.2 – If the participant kit includes the offer of a commemorative T-shirt of the event, the sizes will be distributed according to the requests made at the counter, at the time of collection of the kit. T-shirt stock is distributed upon availability. If there is a break in stock at any size the organization will propose to the participant an alternative size. The organization does not request the desired size on the application form


9.1 – The technical area at the arrival of the event where the reception is held for the athletes will only be accessible to the participants who comply with the present regulation, and as foreseen in number 15 of this document, they have completed the entire course of the event they subscribed.

9.2 – In this finish area will be provided a supply and can be delivered commemorative gifts of the event. If these commemorative gifts have sizes, they will be distributed as requested at this location and stock is distributed upon availability. If there is a break in stock at any size the organization will propose to the participant an alternative size.

9.3 – This is an exclusive area for the participants of the event and will not be allowed access by companions or family.


The organization will make available to the Half Marathon athletes a wardrobe. Next to the finish line (Jardim do Calém / Fluvial), the participants may leave their bags, which have to been properly identified by the participants and collected later in the same place. The bags must be identified with the number of the participant's bib number. The organization does not keep loose objects (eg. Jacket, helmet, cell phone, etc.). The organization assumes no responsibility for any loss of property.


Half Marathon 21 km: Individual result for athletes: male and female seniors, veterans M35-M40-M45-M50-M55-M60 and veterans F35-F40-F45-F50-F55-F60.

This race will be timed with the electronic system of high precision.
Chip - Electronic Detection System

All athletes registered in the 21 km must use the chip provided in the athlete's kit. The chip is coded to the athlete, is not transferable. The chip reading will only occur if it is placed as directed. The organization is not responsible for the failure of an earnings resulting from the misplacement of the chip.

The organization will disqualify all athletes who take the race with: 1. More than one chip 2. A chip from another athlete 3. They incur any of the infractions provided for in this regulation.

The lists of classified and disqualified, will be public and can be consulted on the official website of the race.


The electronic diploma will be available at for all participants of the Half Marathon 21 km.

13 – JURY

The Jury of the competition is responsibility of Conselho Regional de Arbitragem da Associação de Atletismo do Porto.


14.1 – Medical assistance will be made available during the course, start and finish line.

14.2 – Only the organization identified vehicles or police vehicles may follow the race.


  • No control at the start.
  • Not fulfill entirety the route.
  • Do not take the race number to the chest and visible during the race.
  • Falsify any information on your application.
  • Run with the dorsal on incorrect terms.
  • Fail to comply with the instructions of the organization.
  • Run for up rides
  • Run over rides - when not authorized by the organization
  • Be helped by third parties.
  • Use some means of transport.


All cases omitted in this regulation, will be solved in accordance with the General Regulation of Competitions of the Portuguese Athletics Federation.


Protest presentation - Any complaint must be submitted in writing on club letterhead, to the jury of the competition up to 10 minutes after the end of the race, with € 100.00 (a hundred euros), which will be returned if the protest is approved (according to the rules of the IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations and FPA, Portuguese Athletics Federation)


Insurance- The organization of the event will make a nominal sport insurance to all participants according to the legal regime of compulsory sports insurance - decree law nº10 / 2009.

In case of accident, the athlete should contact the organization of the event so that it can arrange the referral to the insurer. To initiate a process it is necessary that the athlete is attended by the team that does the medical follow-up during the event, without prejudice to the athlete being later referred to another emergency medical unit.

It is reserved to the insurer the investigation of the facts presented and its respective performance in conformity with the deferral or not of the activation request of the insurance.


The main event, Half Marathon 21 km, will have the limit time of 3 hours.


20.1 – It is reserved the right to the organization to accept or not the registration.

20.2 – When registering, all participants accept this regulation and, in case of doubt or the appearance of a situation not contemplated therein, must inform the organization.


Participants may be subject to a doping control analysis.


All data collected in the registration process are maintained and treated in a safe manner and are intended for the natural development of the event namely; validation of the nominal insurance made for all participants in the event, list of registrants and elaboration of results / classification tables. In addition, important information about the participation in the event as well as communications of future events will be sent.

All participants may exercise their right to access, rectify or cancel their personal data by sending an e-mail to


The participant, when making the registration, authorizes the transfer, free of charge and unconditional, of the rights of use of his image captured during the filming that will take place during the event, authorizing its reproduction in communicational pieces of support.


24.1 – Cancellation

Applications for cancellation of registration will be accepted until August 19th, with no refund of the registration fee.

In case of injury or illness, the organization will refund 50% of the cost of registration. The participant must send this request to, attached with the presentation of a valid medical certificate. These exceptional applications will be accepted until August 19th for all registrations made within regular deadlines.

24.2 – Transfer

The request to transfer the registration to another participant must be made by e-mail to, through the same e-mail address that is associated to the user login.

Applications for transfer of registration will be accepted until August 19th and are subject to the payment of an administrative fee of € 6.

The cession of registration does not give right to any refund to the person who gives the registration.

24.3 – Alteration

Requests for alteration will be accepted until August 19th, with no reimbursement from the organization if the registration to be changed is more expensive than the previous one. If the intended race has a higher price than previously made, the participant will be asked for the amount of the difference between the price of registration, at the date of this request, and the amount paid previously.

Requests to change the edition of the event will be accepted, passing the registration for the next year. These applications will be accepted until August 19th, with an administrative fee of €6.


The event may not take place due to external factors to the organization's will, namely, due to the occurrence of a natural catastrophe, disturbances, strikes, manifestations, inability to use traffic routes, inability to use telecommunications, authority determination, new legislation, health or public safety requirements and other causes of act of god. In these cases, the organization is not obliged to refund the registration fee or any other value to the athletes. The organization can designate a specific place and days for the registered athletes to collect the registration number and any gifts associated with the event. The organization may, however, propose the postponement of the event, in which case the previously made registration will be valid.

Note: The competition regulations as well as general information about the event are under review and may be subject to changes as a result of the pandemic context in Portugal.


Security Plan

before the race


1. registrations

Registration for the events must all be made online, through the organization's website.
At the time of registration, the candidate to participate in the race must compulsorily answer a form containing personal data and contacts: Name, Citizen Card Number, Date of Birth, Address, E-mail, Telephone contact.

By registering, you are accepting the code of conduct in which you are committed to complying with measures to prevent and control SARS-CoV-2 infection, as well as the risk of contagion by SARS-CoV-2 during sports ( Guideline No. 36/2020 of the DGS).

Survey of bib number and participant kit

The organization will define, as usual, a place for lifting the dorsals. In order for this moment to occur with due security, Runporto will define the following rules:

The access lines to the counters must have a corridor 2 meters wide, in which distances of 2 meters are marked between the people in the line (marked on the floor). All participants are required to comply with the safety distance;
Customer service counters will be equipped with acrylic protection;
The use of a mask is mandatory (and the use of a visor is optional) for the participants and for the elements of the organization when lifting the dorsals/bags;
The elements of the organization that do not present a valid Digital Certificate will be tested;
Entries made on that day can only be made by electronic payment.
Returns or exchanges of equipment will not be accepted after leaving the place of delivery of the backs/bags.
Check that the necessary tests have been carried out in case of non-presentation of the Covid certificate. PCR test within 72h or antigen test within 48h. Self-tests are not valid.
Certify the authenticity of Covid certificates through the Covid Pass APP.

Participant kits can be shipped to the address shown on the registration by special carrier. This shipping service must be requested by email ( until September 3rd and has a cost of €5.50 for national addresses and €10 for international ones.


on race day


1. Arrival at the event location

On the day of the event, Runporto and PAC – Porto Antistress Clube intend to implement the following recommendations.

  • The organization advises that runners, or others, with cough, fever, breathing difficulties, diarrhea or other signs/symptoms of COVID-19, do not travel to the race site: it is a duty of citizenship to report these people;
  • The elements of the organization and the participants must arrive at the place of the race with masks placed on the face, covering the nose and mouth;
  • There will be mandatory temperature control for participants and staff, prior to the start of the race, with a contactless thermometer;
  • Portable toilets in the race start area are frequently washed and disinfected;
  • During the warm-up before the start of the race, it is mandatory to wear a mask. However, some distance is advised in order to avoid physical contact:
  • Ensure the absence of public by placing metal boos in the most sensitive areas such as departure and arrival.
  • An isolation zone will be created near the start and finish of the race equipped with appropriate medical equipment. This zone will be used to place all individuals with symptoms to wait comfortably for appropriate transport and treatment;
  • All participants are asked to pay close attention to the advice that will be frequently transmitted by the event's speaker.

2. The match

At the start of the race the following standards will be implemented in line with World Athletics recommendations:

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask, which can be removed during the race only when there is physical distance between the participants (minimum 200 meters after the starting line).
  • The opening of the call rooms for the start of the race will be done when there are only 10 minutes left before the kickoff. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, there is an increased risk of contagion when an infected person is less than 2 meters away for a period longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise the risk is considered low;
  • Physical distancing: intermediate separations will be formed for fractioning groups of participants.
  • The starting groups will be increased, allowing a greater distance between the participants.
  • The starting shot for each group will be given with some temporal distance. For this reason, for the purposes of classification, official race time will be taken into account and not gross time.

3. During the race

After the match, the distance between the participants will be greater. However, even during the race, Runporto will define the following rules:

  • The masks may, under individual responsibility, be removed when there is physical distance between the participants, but never within the first 200 meters (this mark will be indicated). Participants can wear the masks in one of their arms and, at the end, 200 meters from the goal, they can put them back on their faces;
  • The support elements in the water supply guarantee not being infected or having contacted with infected people in the last 14 days, as well as wearing gloves, masks and visors; These elements, if they do not have a valid Digital Certificate, must be tested
  • The medical support elements and rescuers, motorcyclists and other support elements for the race ensure that they are not infected or have contacted with infected people in the last 14 days and must wear gloves and masks/visors when approaching victims and/or participants;
  • All elements of the organization that do not have a valid Digital Certificate must be tested.

4. After cutting the goal

The place where the race goal will be installed will also have very strict safety rules to avoid the crowding of participants.

  • All participants must disperse immediately after passing the goal line, with the exception of those in need of medical support;
  • Participants who will go to the podium will be guided to the reserved area and it is mandatory to wear a mask.
  • Interviews or small comments to the press or others are not allowed in the first hundred meters after the finish line;
  • Immediately after crossing the goal line, participants will receive new masks that must be put on soon;
  • Collaborators for the delivery of medals or other products guarantee that they are not infected or have contacted with infected people in the last 14 days and must wear gloves and masks/visors;
  • All elements of the organization that do not have a valid Digital Certificate must be tested.
  • It is advisable to listen to the instructions from the speaker of the event.

5. The podium

The moment of the podium ceremony will also undergo changes to its normal protocol.

  • All participants in the podium ceremony, runners or official entities, must wear a mask, even when receiving the medal or other prize;
  • “Classic” congratulatory greetings (involving direct physical contact) are not permitted at the time of awarding the medals;
  • Photographs or interviews with masks are allowed if conditions exist at the site and with a minimum distance of 2 meters between the corridor and the image/sound professional or others;
  • Attendees at the podium ceremony must keep some distance and it is mandatory to wear a mask;
  • After the podium ceremony and for the protection of the athletes, it is recommended to respect their physical safety space, not being allowed physical contact for greetings.
  • Medals or other prizes must be disinfected before being handed over to athletes.

6. The press

The interaction between members of the press, sponsors/partners and athletes will also be conditioned by safety regulations.

  • Sound and image reporters must respect the physical safety space of corridors and others;
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask;
  • In recorded interviews, it is advisable to use an extendable microphone to minimize contact;
  • Microphones must be previously and regularly disinfected;
  • Photos or recordings of runners with masks are only allowed if there is a physical distance of at least 2 meters;
  • The interviews must take place in a proper place, away from the assistants and family members.

7. Homecoming

  • Runners, the press, guests and members of the organization must wear a mask until they leave the venue.
  • After finishing the race, participants must leave the venue as soon as possible.


Technical definitions


isolation zone

Space with natural light, or mechanical ventilation system;

  • Smooth and washable coverings (eg, it must not have rugs, carpets or curtains);
  • Chair or couch (for the person's rest and comfort while awaiting the validation of the case and eventual transport by INEM);
  • Kit with water and some non-perishable foods;
  • Waste container (with non-manual opening and plastic bag);
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic solution - SABA (available inside and at the entrance to this area);
  • paper towels;
  • Surgical mask(s);
  • Disposable gloves;

EU Digital Certificate

The EU's COVID Digital Certificate aims to facilitate safe and free movement in the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting the non-applicability of additional measures and restrictions imposed by the destination country during a trip, including testing and quarantine procedures/ mandatory prophylactic isolation required on arrival in the country of destination.

The EU COVID Digital Certificate covers three types of certificates:

vaccination certificates: which proves that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19
test certificates: which proves that the person has a negative result in a molecular nucleic acid amplification test (TAAN) – RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, Rapid Molecular Tests – for identification of SARS-CoV-2
recovery certificates: which proves that the person had COVID-19, but that he has already recovered from the disease

“Since June 18, 2021, the presentation of the EU Digital Certificate does not require the presentation of proof of testing to screen for SARS-CoV-2 infection by anyone wishing to attend or participate in cultural, sporting, corporate or family events. ”
Clarification requested and confirmed by the Secretary of State for Tourism.

More information about EU Digital Certificate at:


Disclosure of information


Runporto undertakes to provide information, in a timely manner and as detailed as possible, to its regular or casual employees in support of the event.
Preventive measures:

  • If you have a fever or a cough, don't take off your mask and don't run;
  • If you have a cough, cough into your elbow;
  • Use the tissue once, then throw it in the trash and wash your hands;
  • Wave to your friend, don't touch him;
  • Keeps the physical distance of 2 meters;
  • You can only take off your mask after the 200 meter run;
  • Wash your hands with soap;
  • Don't touch your face with your hands;
  • Avoid touching barriers or other surfaces;
  • After the goal, put on the mask and use the hand gel;
  • We measure the temperature of participants and staff;
  • There is alcohol gel available for everyone.

to finish

Participating in events organized by Runporto/PAC – Porto Antistress Clube is fun and healthy.

The emergence of infection by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely changed the social posture of humanity and forced the cancellation of sporting events.

This opportunity to attend the events and participate in them must be used with rigor, responsibility and excellence. Lifestyle habits have changed, just as participation in races has changed.

Runporto and PAC – Porto Antistress Clube want to continue providing races where people have fun and feel safe. The rules mentioned here can be considered strict and restrictive, but there is nothing more restrictive than the absence of the race.

Runporto, PAC – Porto Antistress Clube, participants and auxiliary staff now have a new challenge. It is not enough to reach the goal. Now, we want to reach the winners goal, also about the virus. The responsibility belongs to all of us!

Everyone's safety is our priority!

Document written by: – Porto Antistress Club
Medical team


Safety Plan approved by the Public Health Unit - DGS