1 – Date and time of the race

Porto Half Marathon Sport Zone will take place in September 17th 2017 at 10:00.

2 – The race and walk

There will be two races: a walk aimed at all age groups and non-competitive, and a race distance of 21km, for federated and non-federated athletes born in 1999 and earlier.

3 – The course


Start, Av. Paiva Couceiro (Below the Freixo Bridge), Av. Gustavo Eifel, Ponte D. Luís I, Av. Diogo Leite, Cais Capelo Ivens, Cais do Cavaco Cais do Lugan, Afurada, Zona pedonal de Canidelo (next to Marina), Rotunda do Linhó (retorno), Afurada, Cais do Lugan, Cais do Cavaco, Cais Capelo Ivens, Av. Diogo Leite, Ponte D. Luís I, Av. Gustavo Eifel, Av. Paiva Couceiro (Retorno), Av. Paiva Couceiro, Av. Gustavo Eifel, Rua Nova da Alfândega, Alameda Basílio Teles, Rua do Ouro, Jardim do Calem/Fluvial (Finish)


Start, Av. Paiva Couceiro (Below the Freixo Bridge), Av. Gustavo Eifel, Rua Nova da Alfândega, Alameda Basílio Teles, Rua do Ouro, Jardim do Calém/Fluvial (Finish)


The Porto Half Marathon Sport Zone is an organization of, Lda.
With his headquarters at Rua Godinho de Faria 929 B, 4465-156 São Mamede Infesta - Matosinhos Portugal, with the support of:

Sport Zone
Câmara Municipal do Porto
Câmara Municipal de Gaia
Porto Lazer
Associação de Atletismo do Porto
Conselho Regional de Arbitragem da AAP

5 – Informations and Registration

5.1 – Price of registration:

Half Marathon | 21 km

Until April 30: 10.00 € *
Until June 30: 12.00 € *
Until August 31: 15.00 € *
Until September 10: 18.00 € *
Last hour - From 15 to 16 September at the Alfândega do Porto, from 10am to 7pm – 25 € *
* (If limit of participants has not been reached)

Mini Marathon | 6 km

Until August 31: 6.00 € *
Until September 10: 8.00 € *
Last hour - From 15 to 16 September at the Alfândega do Porto, from 10am to 7pm – 10 € *
* (If limit of participants has not been reached)

Half Marathon VIP | 21 km

Until September 10: € 50.00
With your VIP subscription you will have the following advantages:

• Dorsal Sub-Elite
• Start of Front Line
• Park in the Arrival Zone
• VIP Zone Access
• Wardrobe in the VIP Zone
• SMS of Results
• VIP coach for the starting line

5.2 – Sites registration

- Online Application

5.3 – Limit of Admissions

Limit of Admissions is 15,000 total participants of the event.

5.4 – The kits of participant will be delivered:

EXPO Porto Half Marathon Sport Zone - Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto – 15 and 16 September from 10h to 19h.
No kits will be delivered at no other time in addition to those appointed.

5.4.1 – Documentation required for lifting the back

- Confirmation of registration with the number of dorsal.
- Personal identification, Citizen Card or Driving License.

5.5 – To having regard the safety of participants will not be allowed to participate athletes on bicycles, accompanied by animals, skateboards or skates.

5.6 – Under current legislation the issuance of the invoice must be requested no later than the fifth day following the date of payment for providing us the effect the number of taxpayer.
Information: Tel. 220304726 (10h-19h) email:


Half Marathon | 21 km

Born 1999 and earlier
Time: 10h00m

Mini Marathon | 6 km

For all ages
Time: 10h00m


The sizes of t-shirts will be distributed according to the requests made at the counter when you collect the kit. The stock of t-shirts is distributed subject to availability. In case of rupture of stock in any size, the organization proposes an alternative to the participant size. The organization does not solicit the desired size on the registration form.


Male General, Portuguese General, Veterans M I – II – III – IV – V – VI
Female General, Portuguese General, Veterans F I – II – III – IV – V – VI

This race is timed with the electronic system Runporto - MyLaps.

Chip - Electronic Detection System
All athletes enrolled in Porto Half Marathon 21km should use the chip provided in the kit of the athlete. The chip is coded to the athlete, is not transferable. Reading the chip will only occur if it is placed as directed. The organization is not responsible for the failure of an earnings resulting from the misplacement of the chip. The organization will disqualify all athletes with them to arrange a test: 1. More than a chip 2. A chip of another athlete.

Has no ratings, is a race of pure living.


Will be available at the electronic diploma for all participants in the Porto Half Marathon 21 km.

10 – JURY

The Jury of proof is the responsibility of the Regional Arbitration Association Athletics of Porto.


11.1 – Medical assistance will be available during the course, start and finish of the race.

11.2 – May only follow the race the vehicles from organization and identifying vehicles of P.S.P.


No control at the start.
Not fulfill entirety the route.
Do not take the race number to the chest and visible during the race.
Falsify any information on your application.
Run with the dorsal on incorrect terms.
Fail to comply with the instructions of the organization.
Run for up rides.


Omissions in this Regulation, shall be resolved in accordance with the General Regulations of Competitions of the Portuguese Athletics Federation.


Presentation of protests - Any complaints must be submitted in writing on the letterhead of the club, to the jury of the evidence up to 10 minutes after the end of the race, along with the importance of € 100,00 (one hundred euros), which will be returned if the protest is accepted (according to the rules of the IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations and the FPA, Portuguese Athletics Federation).


The organization of the proof, will insure nominal sports all participants.


Porto Half Marathon 21 km and Mini Marathon/Walk, will have a maximum duration of three hours.


17.1 – The right of acceptance of entries is reserved to organize.

17.2 – By entering, all entrants agree to this Regulation and, in case of doubt or emergence of a situation not contemplated therein, shall inform the organization.


Participants may be subject to perform an analysis of doping control.


The participant, to proceed to the registration authorizes the transfer of free and unconditional rights to use of their image captured during filming that will take place during the event, allowing its reproduction on parts communicational support.


Until August 15, change orders since registration made by holders of registration will be accepted.
The cancellations must be made in writing to but no refunds will be given.


The cancellation of the event can occur secondary to factors external to the organization: Natural disasters, strikes, demonstrations, inability to use routes traffic circulation, inability to use telecommunications, government restrictions, new legislation. In these cases, the organization reserves the right within 30 days following the date for the event giving an opinion about the actions to be taken arising from the cancellation of gravity.